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Earl Grey Tea · Loose Leaf · 50 gms · Black Tea

Earl Grey Tea · Loose Leaf · 50 gms · Black Tea

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Black Single Estate • High Quality Whole Leaf • Healthy Beverage • Estate to Cup

Finest hand plucked black tea blended with natural bergamot oil. This tea has a beautiful citrusy aroma and a gorgeous golden colour. The combination of the black tea and bergamot is the perfect balance of body and aroma - not overtly fragrant but with enough of the spicy hit of citrusy bergamot. This tea is perfect for both newbies and veteran tea drinkers.

We recommend drinking this tea without any milk or sugar.
Earl Grey is best served Hot.

Tea Type: Black Tea
Wah Tea Single Estate
Caffeine Level:

Net Weight:  50g
Suggested Serving Size: 2gms
Total Servings:
 25 cups

Tea Blend: Whole Leaf Black Tea, Bergamot Flavour.
Taste: Full Bodied, Citrusy, Slightly Tart.

Health Benefits:

  • Black tea has antioxidants which fights various chronic diseases.
  • Promotes healthy digestion.
  • Scent and flavour of spices helps in rejuvenating the mind and body.

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