New to the tea world? Try out our assorted collection, the perfect combination pack to satisfy all your moods.

Travel Friendly Tea Packs

With immersive & tasteful tea flavours packed in sleek paper tubes, it's the perfect travel friendly essential for all your on the go cravings.

Brewing Made Easy

Choose from a wide range of carefully selected naturally flavoured tea.


Where are the teas from?

Our teas are manufactured at Wah Tea Estate, in Palampur Himachal Pradesh. It is our family estate, and we oversee all the steps of production to ensure only the highest quality.

Our Kadak Chai is a blend of Wah Tea with our family’s tea estate in Assam, leading to the freshest and most addictive cup of chai for you!

Are the flavors natural?

Wah Teas are made with 100% natural ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavors or preservatives.

How much of tea leaves do I put for one cup of tea?

We recommend using ½ to 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea (this amounts to
approximately 2 gm of tea).

Do you ship Internationally?

Currently, we can only ship within India, but we are working on this.

  • Sumati

    I visited your estate recently, and bought tea. And I am in love <3. How can I order more? I’m addicted!!

  • Manish S.

    Though I purchased Wah Green Tea to get a flavor of Kangra tea, I must share, that it not only exceeded my expectations manifold but also got me hooked to it. It's very fresh tea to start with and I could feel it in every sip. Also, the taste is good and leaves you refreshed. I used two small (smaller than a teaspoon) leveled spoonful to make the brew and just loved it.

  • Kanishk

    Loved this green tea! The aroma and taste is Just wonderful. Great stuff from Wah Tea garden, Will definitely be ordering this regularly!
    The tea comes in an easy resealable bag and the packaging looks nice to place on the front row of our shelf as well!

  • Adeel Hasan

    I love my cup of Tea and trust me this Tea is worth every sip. Just smelling the leaves before and after steeping – wonderfully fragrant! It’s really worth the price. A must try for Rose lovers. Will definitely purchase it again. Thank you Wah Tea.

  • Kanupriya Anand

    One of the best tea that I have had… excellent flavour of rose…it’s not very strong…..must definitely try it …

  • Abhi Sarkar

    The tea was really good .. this kahwa tea is a mix of a few spices and very flavourful. I would highly recommend it !!

  • Shriharsh Kothari

    This tea tastes extremely good and the blends are just perfect. I am regularly using this tea and would like to try out their other varieties.

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