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Wah Tea Bestseller Combo

Wah Tea Bestseller Combo

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Single Estate • High-Quality Whole Leaf • Healthy Beverage • Estate to Cup

  • Kangra Green Tea · Loose Leaf (200gms)
  • Rose Tea · Loose Leaf (50gms)
  • Moroccan Mint Tea · Loose Leaf (100gms)
  • Kadak Tea · Loose Leaf (250gms)
We recommend drinking Kangra Green Tea, Rose Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea without any milk or sugar. Kadak Tea can be enjoyed with Milk and Sugar.

Wah Tea Single Estate
Caffeine Level: 

Suggested Serving Size: 2gms
Total Servings:
 300 cups (For entire combo)

Health Benefits:

  • Kangra Green Tea: Increases metabolism and helps in fat reduction.
  • Rose Tea: Scent and flavour of rose relaxes and calms.
  • Moroccan Mint Tea: Helps to relieve stress and boost your immune system.
  • Kadak Tea: High in anti-oxidants.

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