green tea

Green Tea

Buddhist Tea (Hand made green tea)

The spring picked leaves are specially rolled by hand and roasted in special woks (KADHAIS). This traditional Kangra method of manufacturing is used to enrich the healing properties of this tea as well as bring about a unique flavor. This is the right beverage for nourishment, refreshment and protection. Moreover, the Kangra valley has been blessed by the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

black tea

Black Leaf Tea (Orthodox)

1. Leaf- SFTGFOP1 and FTGFOP1
2. Brokens- TGBOP1
3. Fannings- TGOF
4. Dust- FOF

Himalayan Snow (SFTGFOP1)
Super Fine leaf tea, also known as the "Champagne of Black Tea", made only during the 1st Flush from Fine Hand Picked Leaves. The distinctive feature of this tea is that it leaves a cool sensation in your mouth and a persistent bitter sweetness.

Dhauladhar Tea (FTGFOP1)
Fine leaf tea made throughout the tea season.

Kangra Local (TGBOP1)
Brokens grade tea.

Kangra Rose Tea
Hand picked leaves are dried in the sun, after which it is hand rolled on a wooden platform with rose petals which are grown in the Himalayan region.


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